Camp Oportunity Annual Report 2018


We have a knowledgeable and well-connected board of directors who are focused on governance and fundraising, a solid core of volunteers who have executed our program for over 30 years, but our executive team — who must lead and transform the organization — must grow to meet the needs of more children.

JOIN THE BOARD If you would like to help Camp Opportunity gain the resources it needs to continue and expand its mission, please consider becoming a member of the Board. Reach out to Roger and the board at . JOIN THE EXECUTIVE TEAM Our volunteers have been heroically carrying the organization year after year. The Executive Team empowers them to build the organization of their dreams to serve the abused and neglected children of Maryland. We need to grow our organization to support our volunteers and a capacity to serve the children of Maryland will have enduring and consequential benefits to our community. Reach out to the executive team at . VOLUNTEER AT CAMP! Volunteers are the most important part of the Camp Opportunity program. One of our greatest accomplishments is that our camp is staffed exclusively by unpaid volunteers that are so dedicated to the cause that they willingly give up a great deal of their time to mentor and support the children. Without these dedicated people who volunteer their time, many children who would greatly benefit from Camp Opportunity’s programs, would miss out on the valuable lessons and life experiences that our summer camp and other interim events offer. For many campers, Camp Opportunity is their first vacation away from home, and the memories that they develop will last forever. We take pride in the fact that our volunteers represent a great variety of ages, races, ethnicities, creed, political affiliations, and sexual orientations.

Camp did wonders for her

self-esteem, and gave her

a feeling of belonging and

a sense of community. It

helped her realize that

she is important, special

and gave her a place to be

herself. The experience

carries her through the

whole year. When she's

having bad days, I can

remind her of something

from camp and brighten

her mood and day.


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